A Guide To Printed Banners For Marketers

bannersSoft signage or printed banner advertising remains to be one of the most successful marketing activities that are available for brand managers and advertising experts. Versatile, effective, long-term, and cost-effective, the range of materials as well as print output technology today offers a robust platform that will help reinforce your brand message each time your banners are seen both in and out.

Using wide as well as grand format print output to make huge exposure, banners that are vibrantly printed graphic lets your brand to stand out from the crowd, which keeps your message top of mind each time your banner is seen. A colourful print result lets graphic banners to correctly translate lifestyle imagery, linking products as well as people to your brand message. Consider these large, printed banners are billboards that are flexible without having to spend too much, which are commonly associated with out of home advertising.

Myrtle Beach banners are not only for outdoor application or single sided printing. Go to the mall and you will see oversized soft signage hanging overhead and they have been printed double sided. If you check the parking lot of the shopping center, you will see vinyl banners in long poles and they have been printed on both sides as well. However, double sided printing also has its own set of challenges so be sure that your commercial printing company is experienced with print registration so they can achieve perfect alignment.

Designing Large Graphic Banners

If you are designing large graphic banners, you have to remember the three second rule. According to the rule, your target audience must see, read, and understand the message on your sign or banner within three seconds or less. To be successful in achieving this rule, you have to follow some guidelines. Your lettering must be kept to two different font weights or styles at most. You should use contrasting colors like white on blue or yellow on black. You need to choose one image and a simple message. When trying to test for success following this guideline, stand back from the design you created. Close your eyes and open them for three seconds. Close your eyes once again. If you can read and understand the message printed on the banner within that time, your target audience will do the same too. Select one photo and a simple phrase that captures attention and encourage clients to go inside your store to get more information.

A printed banner that is compelling focuses on communication. You need to tell a great story and make a solid impression whether it is for a sale event, a grand opening, holiday, or a special promotion. Repetitive, targeted, reusable, high ROI, and effective banners are test and proven methods used by marketers as well as brand managers who are looking to get maximum visibility.

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What To Know About Custom Light Pole Banners

bannersLight pole banners are used commonly for celebrations, festivals, decorations, and event or commercial advertising. It comes printed on vinyl or fabric using bright colors. They can also be single sided or double sided, which comes with a layer of silver blocker that will prevent sunlight from creating shadows from the banner’s back side.

An Overview Of Light Pole Banners

Light pole banners, also known as street pole banners, are utilized along avenues and streets in municipalities, tourist spots, universities, malls, sports complexes, downtown areas, and parks. In case you’ve been in these areas, it’s very likely that you’ve seen banners all around. With their festive look, everyone would agree that they are extremely useful for advertising purposes.

Enhancing a bland spot using these banners Myrtle Beach isn’t just attractive but is also great for any business. Consumers love to visit places that are cheery and bright, and you can encourage them to drop by your establishment through fabric or bright colored fabric outdoor vinyl banners.

Purchasing Street Pole Banners

There are some selections for the kinds of banners that could be used for pole banners. The primary categories are vinyl and fabric. Fabric banners are crafted out of fabrics that have been screen printed or polyester fabrics that have undergone dye sublimation printing. Vinyl banners are available in different weights. Double side banners weight between 17 ounces and 22 ounces while single banners weigh between 13 ounces to 18 ounces. Vinyl banners are usually cheaper and some may say they are not as appealing as poly fabric banners.

Light Pole Banner Sizing

What is the weight of the system if there is no banner? The weight will depend on whether the pole banner system is single or double sided. The width of the banners that will be hung also plays a role on the weight, which typically ranges between five to 10 pounds.

Moving on to the standard size of the banners. The width commonly range between 12 inches to 36 inches. However, if the banner is taller and wider, the wind load will also increase.

Regarding the regular hemmed pole pocket size, the pole pocket needs to do with the overall size of the banner but commonly, a two inch vertical pole pocket height is sufficient to cater 95% of the available horizontal banner poles in the market.

Determining the size of the sleeve you need for the light pole banner is not something that you should worry about when you are buying the banners as well as the hanging system as a whole unit. But in case the supports for the horizontal pole banner are static, and the banners are being changed, you just need a rough estimate of the measurement of the pole diameter to the pocket size.

Light Pole Banner Print

Shadowing happens when you’ve got a double sided banner and bright lights or the sun is behind it, which will make create darker portions of the print on the sunny portion show the lighter spots of the shadow side. This can be avoided with basic 3-piece construction that uses a light silver blockout fabric.

The decision as to whether you can use one or two banners per light pole will depend on your budget, the appearance that you want it to have and the light pole’s load rating. A light pole can handle a 2 feet by 4 feet or 2 feet by 4 feet banner on both sizes. However, you should check with the local authorities before you decide.

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