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How Trade Show Printing Help Businesses Succeed – Part 2

trade show print materialsNow that you know what goes into the planning process prior to a trade show (part 1), it is time to work your way during the event itself. While there are several important things to consider during a trade event, staffing your trade booth with experienced individuals is essential.

However, the real work comes in getting your guests and visitors engaged in your products or services. This is where personalized print products provide various ways to get your customers interested.

How trade show print materials work?

Print products such as displays, branded free gifts and brochures help your employees attract customers or guests during the trade show.

         Booth Displays function to draw in site visitors. A business or service needs to have a display that is not just big and vivid but one that looks fresh, fascinating and projects the company’s professional image.

The good news is, there are several custom-printed display options that draw in or attracts customers in a trade show. These custom printed displays include banners, signs, panels and table top exhibits. Additionally, these displays are readily available as mobile, space-saving systems that broaden, unravel transform right into full-size exhibits.

         The sales brochures, sell sheets and also other published literary works you show potential customers at a trade show should vividly display your business and current offers in the most effective way. Your trade show print materials Myrtle Beach should complement the proficiency of your staff inside your booth to be able to inform and answer questions regarding your product or service.

You should remember that your printed materials are a representation of your business, so do not compromise its quality. Additionally, study every published piece and choose to show it to customers who display utmost interest and passion. Showing it to everyone is an inefficient technique that produces a very little result.

         Supplying branded giveaways to clients in exchange for their contact details is a sure way to strengthen your brand name. Along with the business’s name, free gifts should consist of an advertising and marketing message. Popular free gifts consist of pens, tiny electronic devices, shopping bag, desk accessories and so forth. Unlimited Printing & Signs is a business printing company, suggests that providing branded giveaways that are useful and also beneficial generates greater value and tend to last longer.


What to do after a trade show?

To get the optimum result on your financial investment from the trade show, it is critical that you follow-up with clients you met at the trade show. Besides, you have invested days gathering business cards, swiping badges as well as collecting clients’ contact details to achieve one goal, that is to turn these leads into potential customers. Unfortunately, some companies fail to follow up on these leads.

What you can do is to make prompt phone calls or send potential clients your printed materials that contain your products and services, especially those where they showed interest. Usually, the package includes a custom-printed discussion pocket folder consisting of a personalized letter of introduction, sales brochures that relate to the client’s demands, useful company information and other important points you need to convey.

The difference between your pre-show mailing and post-show mailing prints is the quantity. Unlimited Printing & Signs shares that you only need less post-show mailing compared to thousands of pre-show mailing prints. This is where short-run digital printing becomes useful. This printing method enables businesses to develop a reasonable number of high-quality items at a budget-friendly price.

If your company or business custom-made trade show print materials, Unlimited Printing & Signs is just a phone call away. Be sure to let them know what you need so they can provide you with the most effective advice and efficient service.

Call Unlimited Printing & Signs if you need custom made print materials for an upcoming trade show.

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How Trade Show Printing Help Businesses Succeed Part 1

trade showIf you are one of the many business owners who want to try new ways to promote your products or services, then this is for you. In this two-part article, further exploration on what goes inside– before, during and after– a trade show will be discussed.

Did you know that participating in a trade show is an effective way to market your business and brand name?

Unlike other advertising and marketing channels, a trade show allows personal interaction with decision makers while offering a dynamic platform to present and showcase your brand-new product or services. However, a successful trade show can only happen through hard work, careful planning, and effective print materials. Furthermore, businesses that are successful at trade shows have a well-crafted strategy and these strategies do not happen overnight. It takes months of planning prior the actual event.

Unlimited Printing & Signs, a business printing service provider, shares an important factor to a trade show’s success and that is having effective print materials. Customized print materials are a vital part of an effective trade show since they help advertise a business’s upcoming presence at the program, entertain and engage visitors throughout the program and provide an excellent follow-up after the show.

What really happens before the trade show?

Planning to participate in a trade show is critical to ensure its success. Many people may be asking why is there a need to plan? If you are a business owner, you would understand that trade shows are exceptionally prominent events in numerous markets which can draw a huge crowd and can turn in a large number of exhibitors all contending for customer attention.

Clients and guests, on the other hand, plan their itinerary in advance and pre-determine which business booths and displays they will go to in order to maximize their time at the trade show. This is why it is important for businesses and trade show participants to get in contact with their target audience months before the event.

If you are a planning to participate in a trade show, there are several things you need to remember.

  • Along with revealing your participation in the program, you should include details such as name, items, cubicle number, place as well as hours you plan to stay at the show.
  • Make sure that clients and guests will have a compelling reason to visit your booth. This can consist of a presentation, a valuable reward or free gift, a special deal, or the launch of something new and ingenious.
  • Social media networks provide a viable platform for pre-show promotions. However, printed communication sent out using direct-mail advertising also have a number of benefit such as being able to send it to a targeted set of people.
  • Additionally, printed items are more tangible and have a higher chance of being visible. Using direct-mail advertising also allows businesses to send promotional items in eye-catching messages and graphics.
  • Custom-printed postcards are incredibly popular for advertising a firm’s upcoming trade show display. Vivid postcards are inexpensive to print and send, so they could be sent out to countless potential clients and present consumers.
  • Marketing inserts could likewise be quickly sent to present consumers by placing them with billings, statements as well as other correspondence. Furthermore, custom-made invites could be published with your marketing message and can be sent out using direct-mail advertising.

No matter what marketing approach you choose for your pre-show strategy, make sure to create a solid but fluid branding message, a consistent appearance from your promotional materials, logo, booth display and printed materials to be distributed at the end of the show. A consistent appearance, as well as a unified message, are essential elements towards a successful trade show.

If your business needs custom-printed trade show materials, Unlimited Printing & Signs is glad to be of service to you. We could help with your pre-show marketing mailing, cubicle display screens as well as brochures, flyers, imprinted merchandise gifts, follow-up information packages and a lot more.

Now that you know what happens before a trade show in Myrtle Beach, be prepared and read on to know what to do during and after the trade show coming in a few days.

If you are participating in an upcoming trade show, call Unlimited Printing & Signs for all your required custom made marketing and advertising materials.

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How To Have A Successful Trade Show Using Print Materials?

print materialHaving a successful trade show means doing a lot of things. These include extensive planning, effective promotion, and attractive displays. These three aspects, different as they may seem, share one thing in common – print materials, which make sure that all phases come together eventually.

You need to prioritize the promotion of your forthcoming tradeshow. If you do not promote it then your target market will never know about it. Meanwhile, your display can either be a deal maker or breaker during your trade show.

If you wish to have a successful event, here is a checklist that you can use.

  1. Postcards – mailing postcards ahead of time is one of the best ways to let your target market know about your upcoming event. The postcards that you send must have a warm greeting, and important details about the event like the date, time, as well as location. You should also include your booth number so they can easily find you. Be sure to work with a reliable printing company like Unlimited Printing & Signs in the creation of your postcards.
  2. Business cards – handing out business cards are a wonderful way of connecting with your target market. Think about coming up with a generic business card, which only has information about the company but without the names of your employees. This comes in handy whenever someone runs short of business cards because you can just write in the names when you give them out.
  3. Lead cards – business cards is meant for you to hand out your information to your target audience. But lead cards work well if you wish to get some relevant information about your visitors. Once you collect your lead cards, you have to make sure that you do a follow up promptly after the show has ended.
  4. Brochures – when it comes to putting relevant details about your company in a simple to read and small print material Myrtle Beach, you have to go with brochures. Keep in mind that this print material must showcase the knowledge of your company’s trade show team. The brochures must be filled with sufficient information that includes the answers to the common questions that your booth visitors would probably ask. Unlimited Printing & Signs can help you create informative and attractive brochures that will surely wow your visitors.
  5. Order forms – Being prepared always to assist your clients place an order shows how committed you are to helping them. This should also be applied when you have a trade show. You should always have order forms readily available. It does not only show that you are well-prepared but it also lessens the risk of losing a client to competitors who may also be on the trade show.
  6. Signage – Your booth needs to have a design that will capture the attention of your target market and draw them to your booth. You have to make sure that your signage is appealing. You can use many things to help you create a stunning signage. Also be sure to prepare the visual aspect of your booth, which includes using a nice looking tablecloth, fabric booth walls, and so on.

How your visitors view your business can also be influenced by the kind of paper that you use. You have to make sure that the printed materials you use for the trade show are well printed and are of high quality. They must convey that message that you want and it must showcase your company in a positive tone.

Once you have figured out what you need, the next thing you have to do is to determine where you want to print your materials. One good option is Unlimited Printing & Signs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions.

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Tips On Choosing The Best Commercial Printers

commercial printingCommercial printing companies have been providing their services in the United States for many decades. Prior to the Internet, this was the primary way by which direct advertising would be possible. These companies would have large printing presses, capable of producing thousands of pieces of mail that could be sent out to market your products and services. Even though online advertising is popular, it is still possible to use direct advertising with mailers and postcards. To do so, you will have to work with the commercial printing company that can produce the material that you are going to send to prospective buyers. If you are in North Myrtle Beach, here is how you can find the best commercial printers.

What Type Of Services To These Commercial Printers Provide?

Commercial printers provide a multitude of different services. First of all, they can print advertisements that you can fold up and place into envelopes. They will also do postcards, flyers, letterheads, posters, and banners if that is what you need. Commercial printers may also provide full-service options such as not only printing the mailers, but mailing them out to the people that you are going to market to. They can also provide you with a monthly statement that will show you how much their services of cost, how many of your mailers went out, using their real-time national change of address lists that will ensure the highest level of deliverability.

How Do You Evaluate These Companies?

Evaluating these companies really depends on what you are looking for. For example, if you just want a commercial printing company that offers printing services, all of them are going to provide this to some degree. Major companies, like Unlimited Printing & Signs, will offer full service printing which could include not only flyers and mailers, but professional binding, presentations, booklets, and even manuals that you can use with your business. Taking this a step further, the largest companies offer marketing services so that you will not have to worry about mailing anything at all. They may even have a supplier for lists that you can rent so they can mail your advertisements out to the hottest leads that are available. Therefore, if all you want is someone that can print your materials for you, every business that does commercial printing Myrtle Beach will do this without any problems at all. If you want someone that also does marketing, and can also print booklets, documents, and presentations for your company, this will narrow your range of potential businesses to use.

Your search for these companies will lead you to several businesses that will look promising. After evaluating them, you will choose one that will offer all of the printing services that you need. Unlimited Printing & Sings is here to provide all of your marketing needs.

Now is the time to contact us to create your marketing plan for the new year. Call Unlimited Printing & Signs now. Our team is ready to assist you with your print marketing needs. 

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Seven Marketing Approaches For Active Small-Business Owners

marketingYour product is great. You have an outstanding website and also sharp business card. Your Letterhead represents your company well. But why until now, they seem to be undetected by potential customers. Do you believe that customers will just come knocking at your door? This is not going to happen unless you do something about it.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, note that nobody is going to know about your product unless you show it and tell them about it. Now that you have realized you need a good marketing strategy, here are ways to help you get started.

Seven Secrets To Effective Marketing Approaches

  1. Identify your target market.

Some local business proprietors often forget this vital step. Having a good product is not enough, so you need to consider your target market. Find out who may be interested in your product and who your possible competitors are.

  1. Set up your budget plan.

Be reasonable, but be aware that print advertising should be a big part of your spending plan. As soon as you have a budget plan, adhere to it. Then comes the advertising part, do not worry it is easy.

  1. Have your advertising and marketing collateral ready.

This consists of sales brochures, leaflets, one web page glossies, newsletters, and a lot more. You should put more planning here because your collateral should be cohesive with the goals you set for the company. However, make it sharp, succinct and also eye-catching. Try to imagine how your customers want to see your company and products. Then go to a reputable printing company to do your collateral. If you live in Wilmington, you can check out Unlimited Printing & Signs for your printing needs.

  1. Be an expert in your field.

It is important that you have an expert knowledge of your product and that you know what you are talking about. Eventually, people will see this and they will soon believe how great your product is. Start by talking at seminars, organization conferences, and so on. You can also produce a newsletter. Create a publication! If you are viewed as a specialist in your area, then that is exactly what you will be!

  1. Create a Media Campaign.

This may seem overwhelming, but it really is not. Grab your pen and start creating! Compose news release, press sets and posts. You can use social media campaigns to keep up with the needs of the digital world.

  1. Make every paper that leaves your workplace work to your advantage.

While you may have letterhead, calling card and a website, do not ignore your envelopes, e-mail signature, invoices as well as fax cover sheets. Anything that leaves your workplace should bear your logo and motto.

  1. Have quantifiable purposes.

Provide a reasonable goal and target for your business. Do not be unclear concerning your objectives or you may see obscure outcomes. Myrtle Beach marketing method does not only entail in-your-face advertising. Advertising approach can also consist of supplying exceptional customer care. If you develop a reputation for top quality service that will certainly add to the image that you are attempting to create. Ask for recommendations. Most likely a third of your service will originate from recommendations. Allot a particular quantity of time every week for examining your existing approach as well as changing it to fit your present requirements.

An excellent marketing approach is a crucial element in any type of advertising and marketing project, as well as one of the most enjoyable! It actually is basic — simply identify that your target market and become visible to them in as many ways as possible. When you obtain those creative juices flowing, you will certainly see that the possibilities are limitless!

Unlimited Printing & Signs can help you get your business found with brochures, flyers, signs and banners and direct mail campaigns. Make it a point to speak with one of our print specialists today.

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Direct Mail Industry Statistics For Your 2020 Marketing Campaigns

direct mailAre you planning to launch a direct mail campaign in 2020? There are a few factors you need to consider to make sure your campaign pays off.

To start with, you have to research your target audience and know the average response rates. You also have to determine the appropriate balance between digital marketing and mail for your needs. Given all these, you have to refer to direct main statistics.

It will help you understand the general situation with mail marketing overall and you’ll be able to weigh the advantages and disadvantages as well as the return on investment. After all, you should know by now that reliable marketing statistics is crucial when it comes to backing up creative ideas and plans.

Direct Mail Statistics: Popularity and Response Rate

  • In 2018, direct mail’s average response rate was at 9% for house lists and 4.9% for prospect lists. It represented an increase of 5.1% and 2.9%, respectively, from the report submitted for 2017.
  • Paid search, social media, and email only had a 1% response rate compared to the house list response rate of 9%.
  • 31% of baby boomers bought a product or service due to flyers, catalogs, and advertising cards. Direct mail performed better than online consumer reviews, family and friend suggestions, email, TV ads as well as other marketing channels.
  • 46% of consumers claim that they are more likely to responed to a certain offer made by a familiar company. You can make use of direct mail for people to know your services and improve the efficiency of other marketing channels. Direct mail also has a higher response rate compared to digital marketing and that means it is a great first touch point.
  • Direct main remains strong in terms of being a well known marketing strategy with print advertising raking in as much as 35%.
  • Direct mail continues to be among the traditional marketing methods that B2B marketers make large investments in.
  • Direct mail (6%) and print advertising (8%) are two of the top sources that generate marketing leads and sales.

Direct Mail Statistics: Format and Behavioural Patterns

  • Direct mail Myrtle Beach marketing provides a longer lasting effect compared to emails or online ads.
  • Postcards remain promising. About 52.5% of the recipients of postcards say they will read them while a letter size envelope will be open in only 1/3 cases.
  • 57% of consumers open their mail, 48.5% look at it, 26.2% recycle or throw them away, and 24% keep them for later. About 1.6% of the responders put the mail on display and that makes the marketing material more memorable.
  • The mail type affects the behavioural patterns. In most cases, catalogs are put aside and checked later. Mail that are related to credit cards are discarded by 46% of the recepients, which is higher than catalogs and other types of mail.
  • Recipients are three times less likely to expect receiving direct mails on Sundays compared to other days of the week.
  • There is a 97% positive reaction to personalized direct mails. A greeting card, holiday card, birthday card all have 96% chance of success while 89% for package, 57% for catalog, and 27% for advertising card.

If you want your direct mail campaign to succeed, you need to personalize it. Although it is quite hard to achieve this without automating the process. Unlimited Printing & Signs can help you customize your direct mails to help make sure that your campaign has a higher chance of succeeding.

Call Unlimited Printing & Signs and let our team help you with your direct mails.

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Print Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

printingThe printing industry continues to evolve and grow at a very fast pace thanks to the technological advances as well as print business watching out for trends and customer needs.

The Printing Industries of America said that by the end of 2019, the print sector will notice an increase of 2% in revenues. Even with the rising trend of going paperless and the boost in e-books as well as other digital publications, the print sector has been growing every year since 2011.

The Continued Rise For Digital Printing

Printing digitally doesn’t need printing plates as well as the setup time required for the conventional offset printing. Given that, digital printing will continue to become more popular for customers and printers alike. With faster turnaround times, improved flexibility, as well as the boost in personalization abilities is pushing digital printing forward while technology continues to advance.

Growth Of On-Demand Printing

Conventionally, print shops wouldn’t print one copy only or a small run of a specific material. The time and labor involved during the offset printing process made short run pieces as well as single copy costlier and even out of reach.

Digital printing abilities has made on demand printing services a great possibility by being more efficient and cost-effective. On demand printing has become much simpler than ever with the capabilities possessed by digital printing as well as the advancements in technology.

More Personalization

Short run custom print pieces, self publishing, and other emerging trends need a higher level of personalization and on demand printing can offer that. The need for more personalization will continue to increase and the advancements in technological printing will create more project chances for companies and individuals.

Some good examples of on demand printing pieces are invitations, flyers, posters, and more. They need specific customization between each copy.

Better Flexibility For Clients

Each year, brand new printing features offer clients more flexibility, and in 2020, the trend will be the same. As technology improves, you could expect much faster turn around times, more options for print material, as well as the ability to make much better customized marketing materials.

More Simplified Designs

The trend of minimalism will continue to hold steady as we see it a lot more often in architecture, art, and your lifestyle. It’s not surprising that you see simplified designs and minimalism in print materials, and expect to go on seeing it rise in popularity in print industry trends for the New Year, 2020.

A design that’s simplified will make fewer barriers when printing. It could add less clashing colors as well as graphic elements that may lead to printing problems.

AI and Printing

AI or artificial intelligence is getting incorporated in almost every part of your life. Incorporating AI in printing will make the job a lot easier by providing real time data as well as production alerts, recommendations for equipment maintenance, press automation, as well as protect the network against security breaches.

More Support For Sustainability

On demand printing Myrtle Beach for materials that are customized such as packaging includes added sustainability since you only print what you require and when you need it. You don’t have to print larger volumes to the prices can be kept down. And when you need to make some changes later on, you will have lesser wasted materials.

Call Unlimited Printing & Signs for all your printing needs.

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Signs – The Ultimate Sales Tools

signs and bannersA properly designed sign strategy can instantly and successfully communicate the professionalism of your business and the overall purpose of your product or service. It conveys to prospective customers who you are, where you are and exactly what you do.

Automobile signs are one of the most cost-efficient advertising tools available to portray the brand of your business. With good graphic design, your business vehicle becomes a moving billboard that connects with your consumers in such a way that no other marketing medium can take advantage of. It sends out the message to possible clients that your company is skilled and expert and as well as established and credible. Vehicle marketing is long lasting and works 365 days a year.

Interior and exterior signs and banners are also crucial marketing tools in promoting your business and boosting its representation. How these signs are used is critical to the customer shopping experience.

  • Do your signs provide direction to sale items?
  • Do they educate your customer?
  • Are they designed to generate more sales?

Are your directional signs easily seen from the road? We have several frontage roads in North Myrtle Beach, does your sign clearly show how to access your business?

Advertising signs and banners Myrtle Beach can be used to reveal new products, promote special events, market sales, generate excitement or bring in and inspire customers.

One of the preliminary things to do when choosing a sign provider, such as Unlimited Printing & Signs, is to locate one that specializes in the sort of signs and banners you need for your business. Do they have a graphic artist on staff that can assist with the design of your signs? Do they specialize in certain types of signs such a vehicle signs or banners for tradeshows? You will frequently find faster turnaround and better prices when working with a company that is familiar with the type of sign you need.

Working with companies that are on the whole familiar with the type of project you need can be effective in finding the right sign for your business. If you are not using your own designer, you may want to think about the finished projects of graphic designers employed by the company. This might well be your finest financial investment.

Unlimited Printing & Signs has many of the business services and products that your small business needs. Whether that be printing, office supplies or high quality shipping, we are here to help your business thrive. So stop by or call us today.

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Branding Myths and Realities

brandingBranding is often linked to visual appeal. However it is much more than that. Branding is easier said than done. Advertising and marketing experts everywhere are still deliberating just what specifies branding. Branding your company’s identity in your products and services is your commitment to your customer. This action is based on your company’s reputation, how good your products and services are.

Why does one brand name appeal to customers more than the others? Why can’t one create consumer loyalty even if things are going right? Some people think that it has something to do with the logo design or even the colors chosen. While others say it has something to do with the layout of your advertisements, your pamphlets, signs and banners, and the product packaging. Or is it the guarantee that a specific service or product communicates– the guarantee of high quality, credibility as well as reliability?

Truth is, it is a combination of all of these. However, there is one thing which matters most– the pledge! Why is it that some products or businesses have the ability to command high brand name recall and brand commitment from their clients?

Whereas for others, even if they spend all their budget on marketing and advertising, it does not help with branding.

What You Need To Know About Branding

Successful branding depends on two crucial points

  1. The quality of your product/service
  2. The marketing and and advertising combination you establish to connect to your consumers.

If you have high-quality products then combine it with good service guarantees and reasonable price, then you have all the factors to win. This is your best weapon in the Myrtle Beach marketing and advertising industry– a brand name brand name that ensures dependability.

It is not nearly enough to have a slick-looking logo design, a stylish color combination, an aesthetically enticing product packaging and also some hip advertisements frequently seen in various media outlets. You need to initially understand, just what is needed to develop brand name equity for your product. Experts suggest that brand name resembles the cherry on top of an apple pie, where it shares the brand name’s guarantee. As a matter of fact, how you brand your company logo goes a long way in developing your product/service in client principles.

While the ice-cream scoops resemble your services and products, the apples represent your company setting while the crust in the pie is really your systems and also just how efficiently they function as well as reply to consumers.

How A Brand Name Conveys Its Guarantee

Branding guarantee is conveyed in terms of the following:

  • online reputation
  • its experience
  • the product’s name– a catchy, simple to keep in mind name name helps
  • its logo design– a logo design is a stamp of authority
  • its positioning on the market and price
  • Product information as well reviews
  • Good marketing and advertising

Always remember the following items listed above to ensure great branding for your service or product. Read a recent article we posted regarding the mistakes to avoid with branding.

Unlimited Printing & Signs is here to help local business owners with their printing and branding needs. Stop by and talk with our experts today.

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5 Non-Retail Holiday Marketing Tips

print marketingData from the National Retail Foundation revealed that between 20 and 40% of yearly sales for small and mid-scale retail businesses occur during the November and December. Given that during this time consumers buy physical gifts more, how can non-retail businesses boost their sales?

If you are a company that offers services and not products, do not sell your business short during the holidays. Check out these five marketing tips that can help you stay in front of your existing and prospective customers. There is a way for you to end 2017 with a bang!

Give Gift Certificates

We can all agree that we are now living in a material world. Since minimalism is in trend these days, why not encourage your customers to buy and offer services as gifts for their loved ones this holiday season. As a Myrtle Beach marketing tips, you can prompt your clients to opt for this gift idea by featuring it as a discount. For instance, why don’t you offer a $100 massage gift certificate for only $75? Consumers will definitely see this as a good deal.

Make sure you specify the kind of person who will enjoy this kind of gift certificate. Take for example, “Give the special woman in your life a nice treat. Let her get a massage so she can relax and feel pampered at our day spa facilities. Appreciate the things that she does for you by letting her enjoy a relaxing day at the spa.”

You can entice customers to choose the experience route this holiday season by using your imagination and creativity when packaging your gift certificate. Seek the help of a reliable printing company like Unlimited Printing & Signs to help you in the design and printing of your gift certificates.

Launch A Charitable Initiative

You may also decide to donate a portion of the proceeds to a charitable organization. This is the season of giving and don’t you just love the feeling of being able to give back? By coming up with a campaign, wherein a part of its proceeds goes to a charity of your choosing, you showcase your company’s beliefs while giving back to the community. Simon Sinek said that people buy why you do it instead of what you do.

A customer recently worked with a moving company who donated their services to people who suffered from domestic violence. The initiative to help the needy within the community was discovered by a news outlet, which released a news story about it. As a result, the moving company had numerous new customers.

But keep in mind that not every charity venture will lead to a free PR. However, you can be assured that they will permit both customers and prospects to know what your company believes in.

Add A Holiday Treat With Purchase

A lot of companies are disregarding the effect of adding a free gift with a purchase. Giving a complimentary dessert or holiday pie with a purchase can entice consumers to buy from you. Spending $12 to encourage a customer to purchase your service that has a much greater value is surely more than worth it. A complimentary incentive can boost sales, especially if the free item is something that clients are buying for the holiday season.

Host A Holiday Party

Keep in mind that you will not be in business if you do not have customers. Taking time to thank your customers by launching a holiday event or party is one good way to show that you value them while getting in front of their friends and family.

A dental office organized a community fall festival. They marketed this event using mailers, which were sent to nearby neighborhoods and to all of its existing customers. The dental office asked people to bring in guests plus the event was free to the locals. They gave a special gift bag during the event and that made their customers feel appreciated. Whether you go for an omelet breakfast, fall festival, or complimentary service event, each of these will permit you to engage with your existing and prospective customers this holiday season.

Send A Handwritten Letter or Card

Receiving a handwritten card or letter in the mail gives that special feeling that a regular email cannot provide. Why don’t you send one to your clients to let them know that you appreciate them? A thoughtful thank you card made by Unlimited Printing & Signs, will not only remind your customers that you care but it will also help you get in front of your clients this holiday season.


In case your business does not sell gift items that can be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree, don’t worry! You can still take part in the holidays.

Make the most out of the year’s busiest and most profitable time by making a special marketing promotion with the help of Unlimited Printing & Signs, giving out an incentive with purchase, or sending a handwritten note to let them know that you appreciate them.

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