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Successful Direct Mail Campaign Tips For Real Estate Agents

E-mail marketing may be the cheapest and fastest alternative to convey messages today. But when it comes to advertising, direct mail campaign is still best especially for real estate agents. However, most real estate agents would just go for e-mail marketing rather than a direct mail campaign.

But did you know that e-mail marketing costs more and is less effective than it direct mail counterpart? This is why:

  • Leasing an e-mail list lawfully might be tough (e-mail activity is governed by the CAN-SPAM Act).
  • Sending bulk undesirable e-mail is technically not against the law. Nevertheless, lots of people dislike it. It might likewise get you disallowed by your web service company.
  • Premium e-mail lists – the type that would generate reactions – might be pricey. And these e-mails are typically not related to a real physical address – so they are not geographically unique to your place.

Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

The benefits of direct-mail advertising consist of things like:

  • having the capability to concentrate on a particular place – which is necessary for an organization constantly handling locations.
  • Another vital benefit of a direct-mail advertising nowadays is that the area is less busy – lower number of associates sending direct-mail advertising you will have a chance to in the mailbox.

This is why direct-mail advertising marketing, with the competence of Unlimited Printing & Signs, might be the best tool that can be utilized by real estate agents.

Four Successful Direct Mail Campaign Tips

  1. Always stay connected.

Despite what your goal is, whether to create leads, to transform leads into potential customers, or to leave an impression to your future customers and those inside your circle of impact, you need to constantly exist – sending only one mail will not suffice and will not generate the response you want.

Keep in mind that:

  • Only 2% of sales are produced upon the 1st contact
  • Only 3% of sales are produced upon 2nd contact
  • 5% of sales are created upon the 3rd contact and just 10% of sales are created on the 4th contact
  • So 80% of sales are produced on the 5th to 12th contact
  1. Focus.

It is very important to understand that you need to focus your mailer to a specific audience utilizing a targeted subscriber list. That is if you wish to be successful in the real estate business.

By utilizing a leased subscriber list, you might lease from a list of homes found in a particular ZIP code or possibly in a particular radius near your workplace. Promote yourself and let them understand that you are their “the area professional.” You will see a boost in your reaction rate. You can also lease from an absentee owner list, which is described as the non-owner occupied list. Ask the support of Unlimited Printing & Signs if you wish to send postcards to every homeowner who may wish to sell

  1. Check, Assess, Repeat.

When it comes to direct mail advertising, testing is a must. Examining different components in the mailer, various sort of mailers, and a number of lists can help you in enhancing the response rate that your mail yields.

So what does increasing your response rate imply?

To start with, you require to come up with the most educated guess possible about the finest kind of mailer, deal, in addition to the Call To Action (CTA). Real estate representatives who made themselves the “area specialist” had a great deal of success with our flyer self-mailer, which they utilized as a newsletter. All the others who are looking to promote their services as being a listing representative to all absentee owners succeeded, thanks to our appealing graphics and big postcard. Evaluate out different headings, images, CTAs, and deals. Discover how those changes impact your response rate.

  1. Make the most out of Quick Response (QR) codes.

You may believe that it is paradoxical to prevent one innovation, which in this case is the e-mail while embracing another one, which is the QR code. Nevertheless, this part-mobile, part-direct tool can provide you a lot more and it is simply not a marketing pattern. If they are scanned utilizing a Smartphone, QR codes will reveal a text, and after that bring the user to a specific site, and even call a specific telephone number. It is rather basic to include a QR code on your mailer. All you require to do is utilize a web-based QR code generator, produce a sensational mailer style, and after that continue doing the exact same actions that you usually do when it concerns publishing your style to a web2mail provider.

The real estate market is crowded in Myrtle Beach. Stand out from the crowd with direct mail and the help of the experts at Unlimited Printing & Signs.

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13 Powerful Tips To Improve Your Sales Brochures’ Efficiency

How can you improve the efficiency of your sales brochures? How do you create content that will encourage your target customers to read and respond to your brochures and flyers? To help you deal with these concerns, here are 13 design and copywriting tips to make the sales literature you hand out to your customers more effectively.

If you are planning to make a flyer or sales brochure with the help of Unlimited Printing & Signs to boost your business or to promote a brand new product or service, you may be thinking how you can elicit a good response. After all, making and sending sales brochures implies that you will be spending a significant amount of cash. Apart from that, the cost is not the only thing you have to concern yourself with. Each literary piece you hand out will leave an impression on your prospective customers. Leave a bad impression, and you will have higher chances of turning customers away and losing sales. So, is there anything you can do to guarantee the success of your next sales brochure or flyer?

  1. Know Your Customer

Before spending time planning a sales brochure with Unlimited Printing & Signs, you need to know and understand your clients. Ask yourself why should they buy your products? What benefits can they get? What problems will your product or service solve for them? You need to know the answers to these crucial questions. Speak with your salespeople. Ask your clients. Use their responses to help you in deciding which advantages to highlight in your brochure.

  1. Prepare your brochure for AIDA

AIDA means Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It simply means that an effective sales brochure will get the attention of the reader, encourage him or her to read further, increase the desire to buy the service or product, entice them to make a certain action using powerful call to actions like call and schedule an appointment, buy now, return a postcard, or visit our website.

  1. Avoid placing a photo of your building on the sales brochure’s cover

It is understandable to be very proud of your building and with the growth of your company. However, your clients do not really care how big your building is and how proud you are of your company. What they want to know is if your products can meet their needs. Avoid wasting space that you can use to market your products or services and persuade your clients to purchase now.

  1. Use photos that are important to your client

Your clients want to see the product that you are selling or photos of what it has to offer, or emotions that they will feel when they use the product or service. So, you need to make sure that these images are not only clear but also professional looking.

  1. Sell, do not tell

Your existing and potential clients are not really interested in your products or your company. Their main priorities are themselves and maybe their own businesses. To grab their attention, your brochure has to concentrate on the advantages they will enjoy by getting your product or service.

Think it over. How many men and women purchase a smartphone just for the purpose of carrying it around all day, or perhaps because they will actually use it as a phone? They purchase them to keep in touch with others, keep updated about various events, share details with written words, photos, to get answers to queries quickly, and in some instances, just to show off that they’ve got the latest and coolest gadget. Because of all these, manufacturers and service providers make sure that their smartphones are fully functional, works well when taking photos, and so on.

  1. Your headlines and graphics must be relevant to your audience

The typical reader needs 5 seconds or less to look at the cover of a sales brochure and judge if they want to read it or not. If the headline or graphics featured on your brochure’s cover are dull, only a few recipients will take the time to open it.

  1. Use headlines inside your brochure that highlight the benefits

When you have enticed the recipient to open your sales brochure, what they will do next is skim the headlines inside. Use these headlines to keep them interested so they will read through your copy.

  1. Use bullet points to highlight the primary features of your offered product or service

Clients and entrepreneurs alike are always pressed for time and have several advertisements competing for their attention. Therefore they have a tendency to read through copy quickly. Bullet points will help them focus on what you offer and direct them towards the action that you want them to make next.

  1. Concentrate on readability

Avoid making it hard for people to read your brochure. For example, do not use a gray type on a white background or a dark type on a dark background. You should also avoid creating pages that are filled with small text. What you can do is break up blocks of text with headlines or by using white space.

  1. Inform them what they should do after reading the copy

Once you interest your reader in the product or service that you are promoting, the next step is to inform them how they can get it. Do not assume that they are going to search for your phone number and call you or perhaps go to your website. Unless you let them know what they should do, there’s a possibility that they will make the wrong one – like calling a different vendor or service provider rather than you.

  1. Given a good explanation why they should act now

Your efforts of getting the attention, building interest, and desire of your customer will all go to waste if you fail to urge your reader to act now and forget to give them a reason why they should do so. The client will proceed to the next thing that attracts their attention and forget that your company existed. A few of the more typical offers to get your potential clients to purchase now are special discounts that can only be used before a certain date, a free gift if you buy before a certain date, and rebates if you purchase before a specific date. Others that do not involve giveaways or discounts are reminders to purchase now due to limited supplies, or perhaps because the prices will be increasing.

  1. Make it simple to respond

Make sure that your business name, phone number as well as your website link can be located easily in your flyer or sales brochure. Don’t forget to add links to your social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter. You should also consider including a QR code that will take your customers to a page where they can find your product or signup for your newsletter.

  1. Eliminate the risk

When you have developed the desire to get your customers to buy what you are selling, you may still lose the sale in case the client has issues about buying from you. So be sure to add in a money back guarantee to relieve your customer’s fear.

Contact Unlimited Printing & Signs when you are ready to create your sales brochure. We can help you with the design and printing of an effective sales brochure.

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8 Highly Effective Success Tips for Business Owners

Business Owners North Myrtle BeachBelow are a few tips that have helped me to become a better and more successful business owner. Being a business owner suggests that you’re frequently forging your own path: No professional guides, counselors or maps will assist you from one action to the next: You’ll have to make it up as you go. I’ve been in business for most of my adult life and it’s the only career I’ve ever understood. In a way, that makes me fortunate: I have actually become not only comfortable with, however in fact proficient at, advancing into unchartered areas.

However, like everyone else, I have actually dealt with moments of doubt and unpredictability and lots of sleep deprived nights. As I recall the actions that led me from my very first sale– to assorted entrepreneurial endeavors today, some common themes emerge.

  1. Keep the main vision in sight

Your vision will take you far. I put this tip first due to the fact that when things go wrong on the course to your success, and they will, keeping the big picture in mind will enable you to guide your way back to an effective course. It may not always be the course you pictured, however your vision becomes your guiding light, which in turn helps you orient yourself to the darkness. Your vision is your “why”, your foundation or compass, lighting the way forward.

  1. Fuel your vision with perseverance

Exactly what should go hand-in-hand with a big vision is the perseverance you’ll have to keep moving forward. If you are a video game enthusiast, you have probably played Game of Thrones. There was an excellent line in one episode when Stannis Baratheon was being advised about the lack of wisdom in starting a battle in the snow. He responded: “We march to success or we march to defeat, but we move forward, only forward.”

Sometimes, when things get challenging on your course as a business owner, you need to commit yourself to moving on, no matter the discomfort and worry surrounding the next steps. When you fuel your vision with determination and the spirit of “only forward,” you ultimately satisfy your success.

  1. Make a strategy, but be flexible

You require a couple of sets of strategies, even if each is just a couple of pages. A company strategy, with an accompanying marketing overview, are necessary blueprints for success. They assist you map out the major landmarks of the roadway ahead, specify your success and break the journey into important metrics you can track your progress forward.

I’m not one for an elaborate multi-page strategy nobody will read, however I do suggest a more modest plan that can serve as your standard user’s manual and hold you responsible to specific numbers. The fact I do not support highly detailed plans is that I think you need the flexibility to alter the course as needed. Sometimes, huge modifications to the plan will be needed.

  1. Accept your know-how

If you’re currently innately good at something, or have a skill set, accept it. Don’t attempt to be all things for all aspects of your company. Hire out or sign contracts with firms for the things you can’t do, like developing a print marketing plan, and focus on your strengths as frequently as possible. Don’t be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none.

  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel

What is currently working in other people’s business models, in your market, in software applications and other business operations that you can replicate instead of re-create? Don’t waste your time trying to establish systems when you can merely acquire and set up one, conserving precious time and spending little money. But in some cases the best choice is to take on the cost of some good systems so you don’t need to lose time and make errors constructing your very own.

  1. Don’t burn out

This isn’t simply a stagnant recommendation: Your health is actually the most important thing in your life. When your body gives out, you’re done. Your heart does not care how good a business you have; your circulatory system isn’t really all that impressed with your money or accomplishments … you get the point. Personally, I attempt to eat good food, get enough sleep and take as much time as I can manage day by day to laugh with my friends and volunteer for good causes.

You will burn out if you sacrifice your physical and mental health on the altar of your business. So, take care of yourself.

  1. Leverage everything

Life hacks may appear like just viral fodder on the internet, however they can teach an essential mini-lesson to take advantage of. When you use leverage to your advantage in every element of your life, you go further, faster. Take advantage of outsourced assistance to simplify tasks and use traffic time for essential calls and touching base with clients. Take advantage of down time waiting anywhere (the doctor’s office, dropping off or picking up your kids from school, your mechanic’s waiting room, your airline air travel) to get stuff done.

  1. Keep your funny bone

If you cannot laugh at yourself, you’re losing out. I was virtually asleep the other night when I thought about a funny event that had taken place earlier that day, and I all of a sudden found myself vibrating with laughter so loud I had a side ache.

Laughing is an excellent cure to diffuse stress, instill some lightheartedness into life and get some perspective on the fact that, hello, this is only life after all– you don’t need to take it so seriously.

So, attempt to laugh more and stress a little less. It enhances your psychological and mental wellness, keeps other people from getting under your skin and keeps you cool and collected, plus a lot more fun to be around.

Networking is one event that has helped me grow my business. On Wednesday mornings I meet with a group of like-minded business owners and we exchange referrals and tips on business. One of our group members is Bob Stinson a business coach with RLS Focused Solutions. He has helped me define my business vision and he can help you too.

Give us a call for assistance with anything from business cards & brochures to banners. We are here to help you be successful.

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Ways to Make A Good Brochure Even Better

Brochure North Myrtle BeachBrochures prevail as marketing tools. Consumers expect and ask for brochures. They fit nicely in conventional envelopes for mailing, in brochure racks for displaying, and in your hand for passing out. Some businesses and sales people utilize their brochures often and to maximum impact, and it is these experts who typically come to me and ask, “How do I make my pamphlet better?” Exactly what they are asking is can they make the pamphlet more outstanding or more convincing. There are a couple of easy tricks of the trade for making great brochures a lot more impactful.

Now, let’s presume that you have actually already done the essentials. Your sales brochure is well-written and devoid of awkward grammar and spelling errors. Your design features interesting art work such as custom-made photography, stock photography, or quality illustrations. Here are some simple strategies for taking that sales brochure to the next level.

Make an Alluring Offer: Sales brochures that say our company name is ABC and our services are XYZ are fine, however pamphlets that make a tempting offer will get instant results. For instance, when a client direct mails pamphlets to home health providers, we sometimes state “Numerous home health providers have actually doubled recommendations from doctors after 90 days of using this marketing method properly. Find out how. Free. No obligation.” If you really think about it, you can probably create an irresistible offer for your business. However, numerous company types are not permitted to make alluring offers. For instance, Medicare regulations mostly restrict home health agencies and physical treatment brochures from making special offers such as giveaways, so they are seriously restricted in this regard. However there are still more pamphlet strategies offered to them.

Professional Printing: The look of your marketing products causes the reader to make assumptions about the professionalism of your organization. The more expert the printing, the better the impression. Some digital printing can be excellent, however “process printing” usually produces the most rich and remarkable color possible at the most economical costs. Expect to pay about 8 cents each for premium pamphlets when you order a large quantity. Professional printing will also offer you the ability to print color all the way to the edges of the paper – a feature called full bleed.

Use Thicker Paper: The most common paper weight for quality brochures is 100lb gloss book. 80Lb gloss book is too thin for the brochure itself to be excellent. Updating the paper stock to 100lb gloss cover will give the very same pamphlet additional heft and make it stick out in a crowd of business brochures. Consider book versus cover as the distinction in between the pages of an art publication and the cover of a paperback novel. The cover is thicker and more durable.

Utilize a Larger or Vary the Format: The basic brochure format is, of course, the 8.5″x11″ trifold. 2 standard options that are bigger are the 8.5″x14″ and the 9″x12″. Both of these can be folded to still match envelopes and brochure racks. For the ultimate in remarkable sales brochure formats, consider making a sales brochure size folder instead. An right pocket folder works well for this. Stuff the pocket with single pages about single sales points or products.

Have a Clear Call to Action Placed Tactically: Ads with a clear call to action produce more results (e.g. Call for a complimentary, in-home evaluation today.). Offer your call to action a sense of urgency (e.g. today, now, while materials last). Position your call to action at the bottom right of the inside of the brochure in most cases. The cover and the top of the inside are too soon to request action. A lot of business brochures will have done the best job possible by getting the reader to act after they have actually looked at the information. You want to ask the reader to take the next step after you have made a good pitch. That will be the bottom right of the inside of the brochure.

Use Photographs Strategically: Aim to use images of how your audience’s would like to see themselves – not their actual selves. Youths see themselves as older than they are. Everybody over 30 sees themselves as younger they are. Mountain bicycle riders like to see themselves as dropping off four-foot ledges, not rolling over relatively flat terrain. Retired people strive to see themselves surrounded by generations of delighted family members. Learn your audience’s aspirations and show that back to them with the photography you choose.

Also pay attention to the impact of how people look at the pictures you pick and how you position them. A person’s look draws your attention, even if that person is in a photo. So photos of people looking toward the reader are strong for brochure covers that grab interest. Similarly, when someone stares one direction, other individuals naturally look that direction. Do not have images of individuals looking off the edges of your page. This distracts the reader’s eye away from your product and shortens attention span. Where possible, have the topics of your pictures looking toward the most vital points in your sales brochure.

These are a few of the strategies we utilize to make great brochures better. Call UPS Printing, Marketing & Design for more ideas on how to make an ordinary brochure great.

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Marketing Through Direct Mail

Mail Marketing North Myrtle BeachAs a small business owner, you need to reach new consumers but might not know how to find them.

Here are some fundamental direct mail marketing pointers and methods to simplify the process of producing leads and transforming them into new customers.

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct marketing is an ideal opportunity to get your business’s name in the hands of consumers who wish to hear about your latest products, services, and discounts.

4 Easy Direct-mail advertising Marketing Tips

1. Understanding Your Target Customers
Understanding about your best consumers is a vital consideration for targeted direct marketing. Understanding the clients’ fundamental demographics, such as males 18 to 34 or women with children, is a start. However, a more total understanding of your consumer’s profile like their shopping and acquiring habits in other areas; their mindsets toward patterns, products, marketing and media; or their way of life practices can assist you to become a lot more effective in both your lead choice and the messages you’ll use in interacting with the leads.

2. Target Your Ideal Client
When you understand more about your clients you can utilize this info to construct a targeted list of potential brand-new leads. A targeted direct newsletter can be expensive, but they’re most likely to result in the best response rate and produce future faithful consumers.

The old formula for direct marketing success was mass marketing: “Throw as much against the wall and see what sticks” doesn’t work anymore. Postage and paper expenses are constantly increasing, and with so much mail winding up in the garbage, smart companies have changed their way of thinking. Why squander cash mailing to everyone when everybody is not a prospect? Smart businesses target the local consumers who have an interest and will buy. That is the difference between mass marketing and target marketing. Targeted subscriber list identify your best leads. There is less waste and a higher percentage of prospects responding to your mailing.

3. Select a Direct Mail Type
It’s virtually impossible to overemphasize the significance of direct mailing lists to the success of your direct-mail advertising program. The right mail piece will include your most important potential customers. The more careful you are in examining and picking direct mail letter, the better your opportunities for success. There are several different categories of mailing lists offered on the market today ranging in cost and appropriateness for your market. When you are considering what type of mailing list to purchase think about the following 3 types:

  • Targeted Lists – allows you to recognize a specific target audience
  • Specific Interest List – allows you to pick the client criteria that fulfills your needs
  • Cloned List – allows you to discover customers much like your finest existing customers.

We can assist you in procuring the list that is right for your target customer.

4. Create a Mailing
Once you have a mailing list it is time to produce your direct mail message. This is the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of direct mail marketing and where UPS Printing, Marketing & Design can be of assistance. The direct-mail advertising piece you produce needs to deliver your specific message. The piece represents who and exactly what you are. Make it consistent with what you’re selling. If you are providing a high-quality professional service, your direct mail piece needs to show that quality.

Give me a call today to discuss your direct mail marketing piece and how it can generate leads for your business.

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