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Exhibitor Best Practices for Booth Signs

Booth Signs Myrtle BeachAn appealing trade show display is not all about vibrant colors, loud graphics and fancy lights. It’s about a simple and crisp design that speaks a clear message to your audience

Table Cover- The fundamentals of an effective table cover are very important. If you aren’t provided a table cover by the expo promoters, or don’t like the ones provided, here are some suggestions. Good throws conceal dirt, match business brand name colors, do not wrinkle quickly, and are washable. Alternatives are a conventional table top throw, fitted throws that aesthetically deliver various appealing shapes (rectangular, cylinder, curves), or the basic use of a runner placed in the center of the table. Most individuals who invest in a fitted cover also buy the table in the appropriate size. Then they aren’t at the mercy of what the venue offers in the booths. Custom-made printing on the cover provides a much more professional image. A basic option is simply one or two colors printed on a contrasting color fabric. Leading grade table toppers are printed full color and with complete bleed.

Pop-up Display – these come in a vast range of sizes and shapes with differing costs. Whatever you pick, make certain you have an eye-catching design for your booth to set it apart from your rivals. For this, here are some important rules:

  1. a) Make your text and logo clearly visible and legible from a distance of 10 feet
    b) Limit bullet points to 10 words or less
    c) Make certain your logo is easy and can be seen from any direction
    d) Use visuals that show emotions to draw in a crowd

Retractable Banners – For graphics, make sure you are using a high resolution file; otherwise, anything printed will look pixilated. Also, contrast on your banner is an excellent way to make it stand out, like a strong color logo set against a plain background. Remember to keep your color pattern simple, but if you are going for a contrasting scenario, two contrasting colors can be very effective.

Hanging Banners – Considering that it’s simple for any tradeshow booth to get lost in the crowd, hanging banners are the best method to get interest and show people where you are located. Hung well, they can be seen any where across the convention area. You can purchase just a frame, or get a kit that consists of the printed banners with the frame. You will want to coordinate the setup with the show planners in advance because these banners can take time to setup.

Floor graphics – Also referred to as floor decals or brand name aids, these can be personalized to show your brand on the floor and other surfaces as a guide for guests to find your booth. You can likewise make this an add-on to other types of signage for a more a competitive advertising method. A popular and enjoyable example is to put an invitation and footprints on the floor that lead to your booth.

Mounted Posters – These are posters that show your products, client quotes, reviews, etc. They serve different functions, such as educating the prospect, notifying the person waiting in line, or supporting the vendor as a conversation tool for discussing exactly what they offer. If you desire your tradeshow booth to stick out from your rivals, a stylish personnel and a terrific item only enter into play if you have a booth signs that can attract audience interest. This is precisely the reason why booth signs design is among the most crucial parts for your tradeshow success. Your design needs to really draw in people and get them thinking “Hmm … intriguing, I have to examine this more closely.” Without this happening, your product doesn’t get the direct exposure it should have.

You have spent the money to participate in a trade show and you will also be investing a lot of time. Make sure that the signs and banners are effective. Call us well in advance of your trade show date so we can help you design signage that will be effective.

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